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VDS-1232 module d'extension 32 contacts pour VDS-1262

€ 875,00

VDS-1232 est une module d'extension pour le transmetteur VDS-1262.

Les 32 contacts envoient des messages par le transmetteur VDS-1262.

L'écran LCD affiche les messages (premier 16 caractères) et les données upstream ou downstream.

VDS-1232 supporte envoie de multiples messages, misses dans une file d'attente.

VeDoSign configurera avec plaisir le système selon vos besoins et peut, si souhaité, installer sur site.


Données Techniques


  • 32 External Inputs
  • LCD indication of current input states and system messages
  • Units may be “daisy chained” to provide as many inputs asrequired
  • LED Power indication of normal operation and low powervoltage
  • LED status indicators - Downstream Receive data, Downstream Transmit data, Upstream Receive data, Upstream Transmit data and System Error
  • Messages up to 40 characters in length
  • Input actions confi gurable via programming software
  • External inputs can initiate actions on high or low input input transitions
  • Low-supply detector can initiate a message for supply “going high” and “going low” conditions
  • Internal Watchdog will initiate an action after a predetermined period and optionally allows the transmission of the current state of selected inputs
  • Supports Numeric or Alphanumeric Pagers.


  • Power Supply +11.5 volts to 15.2 volts. Nominal 13.8 volts
  • Input Current 40 mA approx.
  • Message Format  proprietary paging protocol
  • Serial Input/Output 9600 baud, no parity, 8 data bits, 1 stop bit
  • Discrete Inputs Pulled up to +12v (10K)
  • Number of Inputs 32
  • Dimensions 193mm x 113mm x 50mm (WxDxH)